Shipping Insurance


We do our best to ensure quality service from ordering to checkout for all our customers. We inspect each item that we ship out to ensure the integrity of the package. However, once we ship the item to the location, unforeseen factors may happen during transit. 

Once we send you your tracking number, it means that we have already handed over your order to the courier. Hence, we no longer have control of the item’s movement and whereabouts since we have no access to their operation. 

Especially during times of crisis, like COVID-19, there is an increase in the number of people sending parcels. For that reason, there is also an increased possibility of items getting lost. 

In case of a lost or damaged item during transit, our company will not be liable for it unless your order has insurance. By doing so, you will be eligible for compensation and refund.  But even without insurance, we still do our best to monitor every order to follow up and update customers. 

If you will measure the risks, there is no doubt that we can protect your packages more with insurance. By getting insurance along with your order, we will not only be able to cover the cost of lost items. Our insurance package also includes a full warranty for your order.

DISCLAIMER: If your order has already been lost and you only bought insurance after the incident, we can not cover it. Instead, we can refund your payment for the insurance.