To My Future Husband - Wood Watch - FHW01

Want to know what your future husband would feel after you surprise him?

Girls totally love being surprised by our future husband. However, did it even cross your minds that our future husband might want the same? Yes, after all the efforts that he’s exerting to give you the best things in life, he also deserves a little surprise. 

We are sure that it would brighten up his day when he comes back home, finding your little gift after a long tiring day at work! Not only will it light up his mood, but he will treasure this surprise for the rest of his life! After all, making you feel appreciated is the best feeling in the world.

How to effectively surprise your future husband?

Surprises have a bigger impact when it’s least expected. This is the reason why the first thing that you should take note of is to choose an ordinary day to surprise your man; no occasions, no events, just simply out of love. 

The surprise will also become more special if you tell him a heartfelt message. It could be about anything as long as it comes from your heart. 

Lastly, complete your surprise with these two gestures of love-- hugs and kisses! You can also have a camera on standby if you want to record the whole thing. It’s also great to replay the good moments, right?

5 Reason Why Your Man Will Love This Gift:

  1. At the back of the watch, a unique and heartfelt message is engraved.
  2. It comes with an Eco-friendly box that makes it absolutely stunning.
  3. It is handcrafted by dedicated and loving Moms.
  4. The watch is versatile in style, and it can perfectly complement any outfit. 
  5. It is made from a luxurious-looking stainless steel material.

Watch Specifications:

Every watch comes in a box with the Family Hub logo. Furthermore, here are the specifications of our watch:

Clasp Type 


Case Material


Brand Material Type



Quartz Movement

Dial Window Material Type


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