Refund Policy

We offer refunds based on reasons/situations. However, there are transactions that we cannot process the refund (please see reason section).

Reasons/situations we cannot refund:

  1. Duplicate and double order are not subject for return and refund. As the customer is liable to check their order before checkout.
  2. Change of mind are not subject for return and refunds.
  3. Accidental purchase. It is the duty of the buyer to check their total amount of order before paying it.
  4. Lost in transit parcel. Unless you opt in to our insurance.

We can only accept can refund for the following situations, but with conditions:

  1. If the buyer agrees to refund the item within 6 hours from the time purchased, we will only refund 50%.
  2. If the buyer agrees to refund the item more than 6 hours, meaning the item was already placed on our production team, we can only refund 20% of the price.
  3. If we failed to deliver you your exact order, you are entitled for 100% refund or replacement.

Reasons why we cannot refund/grant your request:

  1. Our payment processor will charge us high transaction fee for refunds.
  2. Our payment processor will hold 25-100% of our funds for 28-90 days when we have high charge back rate and might hold our entire funds. 
  3. In case your order has been already in production area, we will be charged both from our payment processor and the cost of items we spent on production.
Note that transaction fee for refund is charged from the customer aside from the rates mentioned above.
We highly suggest to continue your order instead cancelling them since it will both affect your money and as well as the our business.
Your love-one would appreciate and be more thankful if you give them gift without you thinking of the money you spent on it.
Aside from that, we can continue serving you since our business will not be placed at risk.
If ever you decide to continue your order, we will give you 30% coupon in case you wanted to order from us again. Just email us at
Then we can change the other order's text/message to your:
  • Husband/Wife
  • Future Husband/Future Wife
  • Son/Daughter
  • Mom/Dad
  • Man/Woman
  • You name it..