COVID-19 Update

With the continuous impact of Covid-19 to individuals, families, jobs, and businesses, we hope you are in your best health. Undoubtedly, this pandemic significantly affected our lives and daily routine. 

Even our operations were affected as well. Our production time almost doubled. From the usual 1-3 days, it now takes us 3-7 days. Our delivery takes longer too. From our usual delivery service of 3-5 days, it now became 5-7 days.

The lack of manpower resulted in longer production days. As much as we want to hire more people to accommodate your requests, we cannot compromise our products’ quality. Besides, we also look after the safety of our employees.

Still, we are fully committed to providing you the best service amidst this pandemic. As our valued customers, your satisfaction and experience of our brand matter to us. But that does not mean we will sacrifice high-quality just to deliver. 

Delays in shipping and delivery are inevitable as well. Provided stricter movement and travel guidelines, shipping companies have limited operations. Thus, most shipping companies are loaded nowadays. 

If these changes caused you even the slightest inconvenience, we want to extend our sincerest apologies. Despite our current situation, rest assured that we are doing all the necessary steps we could take to assist you. If you have concerns or if you encounter any problem, contact our support team. We have ensured to provide you the best services like how we normally do. 

We at Family Hub Co., thank you for your continuous support. Together, let us overcome the impact of Covid-19.