Surprise Challenge

Here with Family Hub, you have the chance to purchase and win something at the same time. Amazing, right! All Family Hub buyers are entitled to claim their cash-back or discount through this #SurpriseChallenge initiative.

To join the program, just follow the simple steps:

  1. Upon receiving the product you ordered, capture a photo or video together with the recipient of your surprise.
  2. Since we want to know how it went, share your memories with us to inspire other people to join the challenge!
  3. Email us that you already shared your story with us so we can review it.

How To Share A Story and What Will I Get In Return?

  1. If you post your inspiring story on our Facebook page’s review tab,you will receive a 10% cashback and 10% discount on your next Family Hub purchase!
  2. If you tag us on Instagram and post a review of our services on our Facebook page with a simple picture or video surprising someone you love,you get 15% cash back and 20% discount on your next purchase.
  3. If you post a video on Instagram or Facebook saying "Thank you Family Hub for….", and continue it with your own personal message,you will get a 15% cashback and 25% discounton your next purchase.
  4. If you want to avail the30% discount, shoot us an email for more information and details.

List of our social media accounts

Learn more about the exciting surprises and activities in store for you by connecting with us online:

  • Instagram - @familyhubco
  • Facebook - @familyhubcollc

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to send us a message. We would love to hear from you! What are you waiting for? Join the #SurpriseChallenge today!