May 09, 2020 2 min read

Your Brainstorming Guide in Choosing the Best Gift for Him on His Birthday

Choosing the best gift for your husband or partner is a stressful task. Even if you knew the person for years, looking for the best gift is still challenging. 

But, fret no more.

This article will guide you in finding the best gift for him. In the succeeding paragraphs, you’ll find ways on how to think and to approach different gift ideas and how to segregate the items that he’ll surely love.

Start with what he likes.

Before you go to Amazon or the local department store, think first of his favorites. On your phone, make a bullet list of his hobbies and favorite things.

To give you a clue, check out the example below:

  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Cooking
  • Building stuff
  • Clothes

Expound the categories you enumerated

After listing down his hobbies and favorites, make a concept map for each category. In expounding your main idea, you have to think of things associated with it. Check out the example below:

Identify the best subcategory and expound it further.

After creating a subcategory, you have to choose what’s the best subcategory. You have to think about what your husband or partner will like. Let’s assume your husband loves reading. If he enjoys reading, what would he want in particular?

From this point forward, you’ll have to rely on past experiences and observations. Think of the conversations you had in the past. Try to remember things he said in the past.

For example, he might have said, “Hey, I saw this cool color-changing mug. If my coffee is hot, the mug will reveal its design. That would be nice since I’d know if my coffee is going cold.” 

And from this recollection, you can check out the mug he’s talking about.

Investigate further

If you’re clueless about the specifics of the item that he likes, you may investigate. But don’t blow your cover. You may start by asking vague questions. Also, you can make up a story. For example, you can tell him that you’re friend is looking for a color-changing mug. If he bites into it, ask about the specifics of the product. 

Make it special

Now that you know your gift, it’s time to buy it. However, you can make a simple object into something special if you personalize it. Giving customized gifts is the fastest way to a man’s heart. Below are some examples of personalized gifts:

  • A color-changing mug that reveals a special message for him (or pictures)
  • A planner or diary with his name embossed on the cover
  • A music box with a special message when it opens
  • A watch with endearments at the back

Final words

Giving a gift for him is a hard task. But with the brainstorming technique in this article, finding the best gift for him will be a lot easier. So, what are you waiting for? Start thinking of gift ideas that will help surely him happy.