July 03, 2020 3 min read

You will always find your way back home. 

As much as you always hear this, you can only feel its true weight once you get older. When you were young, it seemed like it's just the "only thing" to do. When you fall and get bruised, you always find yourself running towards your parents crying and expecting to gain comfort. The problems are much bigger once you become older, but the way you run to your family remains true.   

There's nothing like having the warmth of your family. Here are the reasons why they will always be your constant in this crazy thing we called life. 

They will understand your decisions, eventually.  

No family is perfect. And not all the time, you will be met with enthusiasm when you make certain decisions for yourself. Although you will hear some snide remarks from your family, you can always be sure that they will open their doors. It will take some time, and it can be hurtful when they sometimes don't understand your choice. But nothing is strong enough to stop a parent from loving and caring for their children no matter what the circumstance is.   

They know you.

From the moment you open your eyes, to your first words and steps, your family is there looking at you with joy. It's not surprising that they are the first people who recognize how your mind works. You might be resisting it at times, but you can't deny that your family sometimes gets something right about you. 

They will always try to be there for you.

Friends will disappoint you, as well as your family. But you can always make sure they will try to be there and find a middle ground where they can meet you. Compared to other people, your family will always back you up when you fall. Your family will never leave you.  

They will defend you.

When you get hurt by other people, your family will be your first defender. It's personal to each of your family members when a person harmed you. They will believe you even when most people don't. They will be there at the battle fighting for you.

They want the best for you.

Your family walked so you could run. Sure, you might not always agree with their decisions, and you might find them controlling now and then, but one thing is for sure--- they only want the best for you. They don't want you to get hurt or to be in an unstable situation. They want a great future for you, so they work hard. Your family only wants to know that no matter what happens, you are safe.

When you're with them, it seems like everything will get better.

It's that weird magical feeling, isn't it? Somehow being with your family can give you so much relief. More relief than your best friends or your partner can ever provide you. Once you hug your mother, it's almost impossible not to cry and release the worries in your mind. Your family ties can never be broken, whenever and wherever.

They will always love you.

You might not feel it or see it every time, but when push comes to shove, they are willing to give up their lives. The truth is, your family loves you in the best way they know-how. They will lack at times, and you might feel you don't matter to them, but it's in our darkest moments when we will find our real companions. And believe it, it will be your family no matter what.

The concept of family has evolved throughout the years. And sadly, some people experienced abuse in their household. Your idea of a family doesn't have to be the typical mom, dad, and siblings. It may be your grandmother or your other relatives. The definition of family has since been subjective and for understandable reasons.

However, one thing remains true; whoever you call your family is they are the people that will make you feel like you belong. Like you're finally at home. The people who you can laugh and cry with. Your family is the best support system you will ever have.  


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