May 18, 2020 3 min read

The New Normal

We all know that this pandemic has totally changed and upended our views on things, not only were we throttled out of our comfort zones, these are unprecedented times which can lead to a lot of questions spouting in our minds. No longer can we just go out and have lunch dates with your friends on a whim, or just go shopping around in the mall to pass time. Being cooped up in our own abodes has become the new norm for the past few weeks. Job security has also been a trending topic as Companies were laying off people left and right in order to conserve their resources. Aside from the Financial aspect of things, family relationships have also been put under strain lately. Warm hugs and cuddles from your Mom or sister were no longer an option everyday, instead, communication nowadays has been relegated to the 4 corners of your condominium unit in front of your phone screen or laptop, trying to express your emotions over your ipad at least it is still some semblance of human interaction right? In these trying times, the quality of your relationships can sometimes be put into question but despite it all you can still bring back that warmth by sending in some sweet keepsakes or little customized gifts to make them feel your care and love.

Outlined here are 4 steps on How To Express your Love during these times:

  1. Hold Family Game Nights or Plan Mindful Family Time Check in with your loved ones by relegating a specific time to connect with them. This especially holds true for children who recently got married, moved out of their parents house or is working remotely in another area. It is always a good time to connect with your family, aside from bringing out positive vibes it also fosters the bond between you and your Parents or siblings, that despite the distance you can still express your care by allocating a special time to connect with them every day or week.
  2. Share Recipes Together Cooking and Baking or whipping up your own home cooked meal has become one of the top staple hobbies of friends and families these days as everyone put their culinary skills to the test by sharing IG Stories and Viber photos of their daily recipes and new tasty kitchen creations which can truly whet your appetite. Spending time in the kitchen, working together to make a sumptuous family feast can be one of the most fulfilling bonding activities you and your kids can share together. You might take part in chopping the onion or in sauteeing the ingredients and pan frying the salmon for tonight’s dinner feast or your kids can help in setting up the table or by creating the yummy dessert. Just as they say, Team work makes the dream work right?
  3. Watching a  Movie Together Watch parties on Facebook or Netflix had become part of the new normal in our current situation. Watching a movie together and sharing your insights about it while munching on some sweet treats and freshly made popcorn can make you connect more with your spouse or friends as you watch movies together and relay your thoughts and opinions after the show. Doing this can give us a sense of connection and makes us feel connected to our loved ones despite the status quo.
  4. Send them Cute Keepsakes Mother’s Day had just transpired last week and many more hallmark worthy occasions are about to commence in the coming months such as your Anniversary, Your Child’s Birthday or Your Graduation from Graduate School. Sometimes, small items and trinkets can mean the world to someone especially if this will be coming from a place of love. Show your loved ones whether it be your friends or family members the love that they deserve by sending them cute keepsakes, to show that you remembered them today and that you are part of their special moments in their lives. To check out some heartfelt and customized finds check out this link here (Insert Website URL) and send a virtual hug or kiss in the form of these customizable items.