May 08, 2020 2 min read

How to Build A Healthy Environment for Your Family?

In this day and age, children tend to stay indoors, watching cartoon videos on YouTube, playing games online, rather than going outside to socialize with others. In addition to that, teenagers spend more time on their social media accounts and became even more expressive online.

Firstly, let us take a look at how daughters and sons react to every sweet gesture of parents, most of the time, they react with disgust, avoid kisses and hugs for they are not used to it ever since younger days. Parents are often clueless about their children's emotions since there is not much physical communication, and it somewhat led their child to suffer depression. This is one of the reasons why many children commit suicide without finding the real cause.

However, a happy environment for your family will prevent possible emotional and physical damage. It is important to build a home of tranquility, for the benefit of your family's mental health. In order to attain a healthy environment inside your home, it is important to avoid excessive use of gadgets and Internet. It is evidently true that technology has made the way of communication easier and faster. However, people seem to abuse technology causing damage in certain areas. For example, parents can no longer bond with their children for a reason that they are more comfortable spending time with their gadgets.

Also, build strong attachments to every member of the family. Usually these days, teens do not find comfort in expressing their sentiments to their family, instead, they tackle it with their peers and worse, strangers. Parents must show to their children that there is not a single person they can trust the most but family members. One of the reasons why teens do not open up with their parents is they tend to receive unnecessary sermons. It is important to hear out everything your child will say, rather than shutting them out. Compassion and lending an ear to your children will help you build strong attachments with them.

It is also important to avoid raising your voice inside your home. As they say, it is the rain that makes the flower grow, not thunder. Gentle words matter in building a happy environment, it creates an illuminating feeling to every individual inside the home. Every family has its blemishes, and it can never be fixed by using hurtful words.

If there is a problem, discuss it in a serene manner. Do not stop yourself from using the right words to say no matter what the circumstance is. Learn to build trust with family members more than peers. In this way, we can attain a healthy environment in home.

Lastly, pray together. If God is the foundation of every relationship, it will surely stand amidst life's hurricanes. In building a house, a foundation must be created so no catastrophic events can shake it down. Meanwhile, it is the same with building a family. God must be the foundation, and His words shall live inside the house. Building a healthy environment inside the home is not possible without God in it.