July 06, 2020 3 min read

In every family, children are considered blessings. Whether they are the firstborn, the baby, or middle children, each has its own set of unique assets making each one special. But how are you ensuring that your little boys are just as appreciated as your other children? If you're wondering how, here's a short checklist you can consider to plan simple yet big surprises for your little boy.

Know his favorite icons.

While children are still young, it's easy to find ways to make them happy or feel loved. At this age, usually, little boys are fond of cartoon characters, superheroes, and TV mascots that they get to watch. To throw a big surprise, it's crucial to become detail-oriented in these little things. You can possibly make it the theme of your house decorations so that when he sees all of these things, you'll see his face light up and feel amused by the presence of his favorite icons!

Know his preferred activities.

What's a surprise without little games and fun? Throwing a big surprise for little boys would not be complete without a series of games all wrapped up in a creative program. It would be helpful to list down your little boy's favorite past time activities and include this in the list of things to do so he and his friends & family can have a good time. Does he like to draw and paint? Or maybe he prefers racing cars? Being aware of these things can really level up your simple party for your lovable little boy.

Know his favorite colors. 

Remember that little boys' attention spans can be very challenging. With this, striking visuals can be really helpful to make any simple surprise memorable and unforgettable. Try to have activities with your little boy to get to know what colors he likes. Most of the time, parents assume that blue is always the answer. But it's also safe to know it straight up from your child so that you would get what he wants and align all the other decorations in your surprise gimmicks!

Know who he loves to be surrounded with.

What better way to throw a surprise than with the people your boy appreciates and loves, right? Oftentimes, what makes a surprise unforgettable is the company you get from the event. Whether it's just a small group or a large set of friends-- if your little boy loves to be surrounded by these people, it will always be worth doing. Try to be observant of who your little boy talks about a lot. Is it his kindergarten classmates? His cousins? Your neighbor friends? His teacher? Anyone! Make sure to make this special occasion count so he can look back and remember only good memories. 

Know what food he likes to eat. 

Every surprise isn't complete without a wide array of food! Each surprise party requires a little bit of everything from appetizers, finger food, the main dish, and some kiddie desserts and gastronomic surprises! If you can, you can try to experiment with the food items you have and try to present it in a creative but fun way. Maybe you can put faces on your cupcakes? Form a figure using marshmallows? Remember that children are animated in their actions, and visual aids are a big factor. Spicing things up through these measures can make your little boy feel loved and cared for. 

Know what gift he would appreciate. 

Every kid loves to receive gifts on his special day, whether it be a shirt, a toy, a book, a pair of shoes, anything! While he's still young, it's good to invest in memorable gift items like something he would like or something personalized! With many items offered in Family Hub Co, you can find the perfect gift item to give to your little boy. Of course, you can go the extra mile by ensuring that it belongs to him by personalizing it with a sweet message and his name!

Remember! Even little boys deserve big surprises. Get creative and plan that surprise today!